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How Debts Get Divided During a Divorce

Divorce Attorney For Men | When your marriage ends, there are several matters to divide and split equitably. Unfortunately, debt is also a financial matter that involves splitting among both parties of the marriage. It’s important to seek the qualified counsel of a divorce attorney for men who can advise you. In Florida, debt is also considered an asset and is to be divided equally. Unless you and your spouse can come to an agreement on how to properly split the debt from your marriage, a judge will work to determine how payments should be made and who should make them. If you believe you are unable to pay the amount in debt, talk with a divorce attorney for men who can advocate for your ...


How the Trump Tax Law Affects Divorce

Divorce Attorney for Men | While the new tax bill signed by President Trump certainly affects income and property, it also is affecting divorce proceedings in Florida. Under the new bill, Specifically, the tax bill affects alimony payments. Under the new bill, alimony is no longer deductible for the payer. Additionally, the receiver won't have to pay income tax on the payments, making it a better financial deal for the spouse who is collecting alimony versus the spouse making payments. This change is like the current taxable definition for child support payments, as they are also not tax deductible. This specific deduction was previously used as a negotiating tool, but now will likely re ...


Divorce Lawyer For Men | Prenuptial Agreements

Divorce Lawyer For Men | Prenuptial Agreements Divorce Lawyer for Men| Why Prenuptial Agreements Can Help? Did you know that the average percentage of divorce occurring amongst married couples in the US is 50%? That may seem like a high number, but what is more surprising is that the percentage of people who go for divorce in Florida is higher than 60%. This means that of all the people who get married, only 40% are able to live a happy married life. With such alarming statistics, there are bound to be questions of asset division, divorce lawyer, child support, etc. Prenuptial Agreement – A Savior One way of avoiding all that fuss and making sure that a divorce does not hurt you as hard f ...


Mistakes Fathers and Men Make

Call To Schedule Your Consultation Now Email John Today To Explain Your Case In Law We Trust | Family Lawyer For Men In the United State every man, woman, and child has been affected, directly or indirectly, in family domestic issues. Many legal approaches exist for divorce, and whenever possible, firms and courts favor out-of-court settlements.    When it comes to dealing with family law issues such as divorce, alimony, child custody  or support, hidden assets, as well as division of assets and liabilities, we understand the legal system and how to protect the rights of men. We focus on family law because we believe families matter. Our firm focuses on men on ...


Why Do You Need A Tampa Divorce Attorney?

Divorce Attorney |  John D. Girolamo, Esq., a divorce attorney in Tampa FL is ready to help you sort out family lawsuits along with other legal issues. But why do you need to hire him in such circumstances? Well, let the following answer that question for you: Understand the Legal Issues Related to Your Case A family law attorney helps you in family law cases such as issue related to spousal maintenance, complex division of property, child support and child custody. These cases or lawsuits are even complicated with problems such as legality, finance and even emotional stress. This is where a divorce attorney in Tampa FL comes in. They explain and even address pertinent legal issues of the ca ...


Divorce Lawyer | Why You Need One

Divorce Lawyer | Why You Need One Divorce Lawyer | If you want a divorce, you may be tempted to file for it using some court provided document or information from a book or a website. Well, there is nothing wrong with the DIY approach, but your best bet is to let a Tampa divorce lawyer handle all your divorce. Here are a few reasons why you should consider hiring a pro for your divorce proceedings: Expert Opinion of a Tampa Divorce Lawyer An experienced Tampa divorce lawyer helps you make sure that your spouse receives everything they deserve. The state laws do not support an even split of assets depending on the situation. In some cases, the spouse can be entitled to retirement or other inc ...

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