The attorneys at The Law Offices of John DeGirolamo, Esq. practice family law with a focus on representing men in family law proceedings. We assist men with the unique challenges they face as a man and father in Florida’s court system. Knowing that The Law Offices of John DeGirolamo, Esq. specifically and exclusively represents men gives our clients the confidence they need to head into any Court battle.

Men continue to be more interested in remaining active fathers when their marriage or non-marital relationship ends. But Florida courts and the state’s family law statutes have not completely kept pace with this changing mindset. Our attorneys are there to be representatives and advocates for men and fathers. We can handle a wide range of family law matters from uncontested divorce to complex asset division.

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Whether men are getting divorced or separated, and they have children, they typically have concerns about upcoming child custody, visitation, and child support proceedings. It is important to work with an attorney who understands your unique situation, and who is willing to fight for your rights.

At the Law Offices of John DeGirolamo, Esq., we understand the unique needs of men in divorce and related legal proceedings. We will work to protect your financial interests in divorce, child support, and alimony proceedings, and your parental rights in child custody and visitation matters.

Our firm represents fathers in divorce, child custody, and related legal matters. If you wish to speak to a men’s divorce attorney in Tampa, FL, about your Family Law concerns, please contact us today.


Your lawyer cannot disclose what you tell them – even if you confess to a crime. Attorney-client privilege is designed to ensure that you are candid with your lawyer. Under most circumstances, your lawyer cannot tell anyone – a judge, the police, a jury, or your family members – what you tell them in confidence.

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