Hire a Nebbia Hold Attorney Tampa to Deal with Your Case

There can be a condition placed on a Defendant’s bond called a Nebbia Hold. It lets the court learn about the source of funds utilized to post the bond. In a number cases, the Defendant and co-signors of the bond will need to produce and disclose the source of bail premium with collateral before the Defendant is released on bail. There will be a hearing help, which will allow the court to evaluate the legitimacy of the source of the funds. To go through this process, you need a Nebbia Hold Attorney Tampa at your side.

How can A Nebbia Hold Attorney in Tampa Lift the Hold?

A good Nebbia hold lawyer will schedule the hearing in an instance. Your lawyer will file a Proffer and Petition to Lift the Order. The Proffer will be a response to Nebbia Hold, which presents proof concerning the legitimate nature of the funds used to pay for the bond. This Proffer proves that these funds are from a legit source. Sometimes, you need a little bit of documentation. An example of some of the items used to show legitimate source of funds:
  • Real Estate Property Record
  • Mortgage
  • Bank Statements
  • Income Records
  • Financial

What Sort of Info Is Needed

An experienced Nebbia Hold Attorney Tampa will help to present the important documents to the prosecutor and court to lift your hold. A qualified lawyer will round up all important documents, and file the Nebbia Proffer with a Notice of Hearing. When done properly, the prosecutor can agree to stipulate the hold to lift without even a hearing, or the Judge will grant the petition and lift the hold. If the prosecutor doesn’t agree with the stipulation, then there will be a hearing. During which, the Nebbia Hold attorney Tampa will present evidence. It will consist of all documents and testimony to prove that the funds are legit. Once the court is satisfied with the fact that the bond funds are legitimate, they will lift the hold and the Defendant will get out of jail.

Is there any need to Testify?

This is yet another important question when it comes to Nebbia Hold. Does your friend or family need to testify? In case the prosecutor and court do not lift the hold based solely on the Proffer, then the person who is funding is bond may be needed to testify. An experienced lawyer will make sure the process is quick and simple.

Why an Experienced Lawyer is Needed?

This is not like any other ordinary case; the Nebbia Hold Attorney Tampa can make a HUGE difference. If you want to learn more about the Nebbia Hold attorneys at In Law We Trust, P.A., you should set up a meeting with us to go over the issues. During this consultation, you can ask all questions you want to make sure the our firm is qualified enough to handle the case. At these times, you want the best attorney in Tampa Bay to handle the Nebbia Hold process.
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