How is Alimony Affected by the Length of a Marriage in Florida?

Short-Term Versus Moderate-Term Marriages

Divorce is a difficult emotional process, no matter how long the marriage has lasted. In the state of Florida, a marriage is considered short-term if it lasts less than seven years. A moderate-term marriage is considered to be seven to 17 years, and marriages lasting more than 17 years are considered a be long-term. When it comes to property division, Florida is an equitable distribution state, but the court does consider many factors and depending on the length of your marriage, the courts will award support and divide property in a manner that they feel is adequate and fair, with that in mind. In the case of short-term marriages, be aware that the outcome may be different from what may be awarded in moderate-term or long-term marriages.

A Short-Term Marriage Might be Treated Differently

It is generally believed by the courts that a couple who has only been married for a short time can more likely reestablish independent lives and do it much quicker than a couple who has been together for a longer period of time. Couples who have been together for seven years or longer are usually considered to have a much more difficult time and take longer to re-establish themselves as their lives are typically more inter-twined with family, home, finances, and careers.

How the Length of Your Marriage May Affect Your Settlement

Under Florida Statute 61.08, courts only award alimony if they find that one party has a need for alimony and the other party has the ability to pay alimony. Alimony may be awarded to the lesser earning spouse to help them transition to being single, to help them gain new training or education, or to assist them if for some valid reason, they no longer have the capacity to support themselves. However, once again, with regard to alimony one of the first factors courts take into consideration is the duration of the marriage.

Under Florida Statute 61.075, courts strive to equally and fairly distribute marital property unless there is a justification for uneven distribution. In a short-term marriage, it may be easier to trace and view the financial status and contributions of each of the parties coming into and during the marriage. A judge may decide to distribute the assets from the marriage to each of the parties based on exactly what each clearly contributed financially.

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