Plea For Mercy: The Anatomy of The Federal Plea written by Violation of Probation Attorney in Tampa, FL John DeGirolamo, Esq.

Plea For Mercy: The Anatomy of The Federal Plea written by Violation of Probation Attorney in Tampa, FL John DeGirolamo, Esq.

Plea For Mercy: The Anatomy of The Federal Plea written by Violation of Probation Attorney in Tampa, FL John DeGirolamo, Esq.

In January, 2016, Attorney John DeGirolamo released his first book! Plea For Mercy: The Anatomy of The Federal Plea is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and many other online outlets. John DeGirolamo takes the reader through the most difficult and challenging process of litigating a federal criminal case: The Plea Bargaining Process and The Federal Sentencing Guidelines. 

The practice of law is just that: practice. A lawyer literally practices the law until his or her career ends. So why not practice in the area of law that you love? Plea For Mercy: The Anatomy of the Federal Plea is written from the perspective of a federal criminal defense attorney, and introduces lawyers to the most important and challenging phase of a federal criminal case: federal plea bargaining. This book is destined to become the go-to guide for lawyers considering federal criminal law, and includes:

  • A complimentary transcript of a Change of Plea Hearing, better known as a Plea Colloquy
  • A complimentary copy of a Federal Plea Agreement authored by the Department of Justice
  • An exploration of the United States Sentencing Guidelines and their application
  • A breakdown of the types of plea bargains that are routinely accepted or rejected
  • An assessment of defense counsel’s responsibilities and liabilities during the plea bargaining process

Simply put, if you want to practice federal criminal law, you can’t afford not to read Plea For Mercy: The Anatomy of The Federal Plea written by Violation of Probation Attorney in Tampa, FL John DeGirolamo, Esq.

Many criminal cases are resolved out of court through what is known as plea bargaining. For practical reasons, the plea bargaining process resolves most criminal cases filed. John DeGirolamo lives his career with a deep passion for seeing everyone has the opportunity for the best possible legal representation. That passion is more than evident in the pages of “Plea For Mercy: The Anatomy Of The Federal Plea.” The book’s pages are filled with the opportunity not only for laypersons to gain a deeper awareness, but attorneys on both sides of the aisle to recognize effective plea bargaining as both an art and a science. Plea for Mercy is a comprehensive, up-to-date guideline on the subject; teaching those in the profession to negotiate the best deal for their clients. The author provides an honest discussion of the nature, types and goals of plea bargaining, and offers a variety of styles and strategies not often taught. Words like analysis, negotiation process, plea policies, standards and rules are the foundation of John DeGirolamo and his work.

Foreword by Thomas A. Mesereau, Jr., Esq.: “When I began my career as a criminal defense lawyer, federal practice was considered elite and obscure. Unless you had served as a federal prosecutor or public defender, the subliminal word was “Stay Away!” I didn’t heed these warnings and shoved my way through the thicket of federal procedure and culture. Fortunately, things evened out. But there were more than a few scary adventures on route. 

If only I had possessed a copy of John DeGirolamo’s excellent “Plea For Mercy!” This valuable work would have made the ride much less treacherous and painful. 

Mr. DeGirolamo, a successful and dedicated federal criminal lawyer, does the unusual in this necessary book. Rather than protect and covet his unique knowledge of these problems, obstacles and dilemmas, he shares it. This outstanding young lawyer presents a brilliant, clear and practical explanation of a federal plea bargain so that any interested practitioner can approach the subject with confidence. He does a great service to our profession. 

In simple cadence, Mr. DeGirolamo walks the reader through myriad types of federal plea bargains, the common mistakes lawyers make and the unsettling morass of Federal Sentencing Guidelines. He explains the math of how plea bargains either fail or evade their original purpose. And, most importantly, he tells us what to do if things explode! 

This work will benefit anyone who practices criminal law. Prosecutors will see the world from another vantage point. Experienced federal criminal defense attorneys will gain clarity and wisdom. And, if, like the younger me, your main experience has been in state court, this book will propel you into the federal system with confidence and insight. 

The Federal Courts are great places to practice law. Thank you, John DeGirolamo, for your excellent work.”

Testimonial provided by Frank de la Grana, Esq.: “I am fortunate to have seen John develop into the successful lawyer he has become. His new book, Plea For Mercy, is a must have for any federal criminal practitioner. It seems that no matter how long you’ve been practicing in the federal system, there is always something new you learn when you apply the guidelines to the facts of your case. John’s book walks you through the analytical process and gives you the confidence you need when arguing your position on behalf of your client.” 

This book available now, so get a copy and tell Probation Violation Attorney in Tampa, FL John DeGirolamo, Esq. what you think!!

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