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Divorce Lawyer | Orders to Restrain Your Spouse in a Divorce Case

Divorce Lawyer | A divorce can be a painful and tragic experience for most people. For others, it may mean a loss of authority that they once enjoyed over their spouse, which is why they can go to great lengths to harass, abuse, and torture their spouses emotionally, physically, and mentally. Florida family law courts don’t take such instances lightly. They have a number of protective mechanisms that a spouse can get using their divorce attorney. Here are few restraining orders that your divorce lawyers in Florida can use to help protect you and your children from your spouse during a divorce case. Stay Away Orders These are basically orders that are used by one spouse to make sure they keep a safe distance from the other spouse because they feel threatened. The court will stipulate a distance that needs to be maintained between the spouse and the person who the order has been issued against. It can stop them from:
  • Going to the spouse’s place of work
  • Going to their home
  • Going near the protected person
  • Going near the child
  • Going near their vehicle
Orders for Exclusion from Residence Sometimes, even when two spouses are getting a divorce, they will continue to share the same roof. This may be mutual, but in some cases, it is forceful; with one spouse imposing their will on the other. Your divorce lawyer can help you with that, by applying to the court for an exclusion order. This is an order where the court orders one of the spouses to leave a certain property until the case has been decided. Orders Relating to Personal Conduct These are the most common form of restraining orders and are issued when one of the spouses has a fear of themselves or their children being harmed by the other. These include domestic violence restraining orders whereby an abused spouse can seek relief from the Florida family law court against their spouse. At The Law Offices of John D. Girolamo, Esq., our number one goal is to protect and fight for your rights!  Get the justice you deserve with a name you can trust.  Contact us today.
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