High Net Worth Divorce for Men

High Net Worth Divorce for Men
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High Net Worth | High Stakes Divorce Lawyers in Tampa, Florida

Most men spend their entire adult life building a successful business, professional practice or otherwise have acquired a high net worth. Unfortunately, the divorce process can unsettle your business and threaten the wealth that you have worked so hard to accumulate. We know that you did not spend your life building your wealth only to have it squandered away in contentious or unnecessary litigation.

At In Law We Trust, P.A. – The Law Offices of John DeGirolamo, Esq., we understand the complexities involved in high stakes, complicated divorces that involve large assets of a high net worth man.

Effective Handling of High Net Worth Divorces

For men, a high net worth divorce will involve a scenario where he earns most of (if not all) the income and manages the finances in the marriage while the wife has limited involvement and/or access to the finances. Divorce can threaten or compromise a man’s current standard of living and create financial uncertainty about the future. That said, if a man owns a business and primarily managed the finances during the marriage, he will likely find himself at a significant advantage when trying to identify and accurately value those assets, which is extremely helpful in the divorce process.

Tampa, FL high net worth divorce lawyer John DeGirolamo, Esq. and his legal team understand the special challenges involved in the discovery process in a high net worth divorce. The team also understands how to exploit the process to the client’s advantage. The attorneys at In Law We Trust, P.A. – The Law Offices of John DeGirolamo, Esq. have experience in representing corporate and financial professionals, athletes, successful small business owners, medical and legal professionals.

In order to tackle the issues presented in a high net worth divorce, In Law We Trust, P.A. – The Law Offices of John DeGirolamo, Esq. regularly works with forensic accountants, business valuation consultants, vocational and other financial experts to ensure that clients receive a proper valuation of any business, professional practice or any other property that may be characterized as marital property. These trusted consultants are located throughout the Tampa Bay, FL area.

We are also aware that the more contentious your divorce, the more costly the divorce process.  Our firm is committed to cost-effective and efficient litigation in high net worth divorces to protect the value of your estate. We will never take advantage of your hard-earned position.

Unique Issues in Tampa, FL High Asset Divorces

Because of what is at stake, men can count on a lack of cooperation from the other spouse, making an amicable resolution difficult, albeit still attainable. Among the types of issues that often arise in a divorce involving high net worth and complex assets are the following:

  • Deciding what to do with a family business
  • Obtaining a comprehensive business evaluation and appraisal
  • Defining asset characterization
  • Identifying if a qualified domestic relations order is necessary for the division of assets
  • Enforcing a pre-marital or post-marital agreement
  • Investigating suspicions of hidden assets and offshore accounts
  • Handling issues concerning jurisdiction over international property
  • Addressing tax considerations in determining alimony and child support
  • Resolving other concerns relating to a high asset divorce or high-income divorce cases

When it is necessary to litigate complex asset and debt division issues, Mr. DeGirolamo and his firm have the resources and experience to aggressively represent men’s interests in court. Indeed, we will take your case to trial in order to protect your net worth.

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