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In the state of Florida, an injury that occurs at someone else’s property can sometimes result in a legal case especially if it can be proved that the property owner was negligent. If you, a family member, or friend was injured after a slip and fall, call the law offices of In Law We Trust Divorce and Family Lawyers We will listen to all the details of what happened, and if the premise owner was responsible, we can put together a legal plan to seek retribution for your injuries and losses. While it is not right to just assume that property owners are automatically responsible for injuries just because a person was on their property, our expertise will help establish if negligence or wrong doing was involved.

Common Injuries from a Slip and Fall

Slip and falls, while at the time may be somewhat embarrassing, are no laughing matter! Temporary or permanent injuries which can be painful, serious, and debilitating can result. Even death can occur! The most common injuries include sprains and fractures to the back, hips, arms, ankles, legs, tailbones and spine. When the cause of that accident is someone else’s negligence or a dangerous condition, you have a right to pursue legal action. You may have legal grounds to be compensated for your injury, including your medical bills, lost wages, rehabilitation, and pain and suffering.

Frequent Causes

When you are a visitor on someone else’s premises, you have a right to be protected from dangerous conditions. That includes when you are on public properties, at private homes, in apartments, apartment buildings, office buildings, and residences. It also includes commercial establishments such as shopping centers, restaurants, grocery stores, retail stores, hotels, movie theatres, and parking lots.

Inside a premise, the majority of slip and fall accidents occur when something wet is on the floor. That often includes liquid spills and rain water. The property owner is not responsible just because of the wet floor, but is responsible if they were aware and neglected to clean it up, or did not take proper precaution with floor mats, etc., knowing that the rain water would likely be tracked into the premises. Failure for the premise owner to take proper precaution in environment that is prone to spills, or in entry ways that are affected by inclement weather can show that the premise owner was negligent. Loose carpeting, uneven floors or stairs, protruding fixtures, items in need of repair, and even hazardous construction or building materials are also conditions that can result in injuries to an unsuspecting visitor.

Outside, the majority of trip and fall accidents happen because of defects in the places where people walk or because items are in the wrong place or in an unexpected place, and therefore cause trip hazards. Poor lighting is often a contributing factor and considered both negligence and dangerous. Parking lots with potholes, defective curbs, sidewalks and walkways with cracks, uneven surfaces, and unexpected sloping, and stairwells with non-existent, broken, or unstable handrails can all be particularly hazardous.

What Should I Do If I am Involved in A Slip and Fall?

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If you slip and fall on someone else’s property there are certain things you can do to not only properly assess your injuries but also to document your surroundings and the circumstances that led to the event. While it is understandable that at the time you may be disoriented, in pain, and injured, if someone is with you, their impressions and actions are valuable as well. If at a later date you do decide to pursue a slip and fall case against the premise owner, the actions you take immediately will be vital evidence.

  • If your fall is severe, get immediate medical attention. Even if your injury is not severe, and you believe it might be minor, go ahead and get checked out by a medical professional as soon as possible. Don’t wait to assume that your injuries will go away.

  • Look for what caused you to fall and remember all aspects of the item or hazard. Try to recall the events that led up to the fall, including the condition of the floor/ground and what you were wearing. Write down the date and time and all that you remember as soon after your fall as possible.

  • If feasible, take pictures from different angles of the area where you fell and also photograph your shoes, clothing and injuries.

  • Get names and phone numbers of any witnesses.

  • If you are inside a facility, ask for a manager, ask to fill out an incident report, and get a copy. If the fall happens in a parking lot, reach out to security personnel, or if warranted, call 911.

  • Inquire as to whether the facility has video of the area, and if so specifically ask for the footage to be preserved and for a copy of it.

Critical Aspects of A Slip and Fall Case

Property owners must maintain their property in a reasonably safe condition and free from dangerous conditions. They have a duty to warn of dangerous conditions until they are fixed. If they do not follow these safety rules they can be held responsible for injuries caused on their premises.

Determining the reason for the fall is one of the most critical aspects in pursuing a claim. The injured party has the burden to prove the property owner either knew or should have known about the dangerous condition. Proper documentation and treatment of the injuries not only help you to recover physically, but are also essential for proving you have a claim against the negligent party.

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