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How to Prove Parental Alienation

It’s a given that both you and your former spouse want to get through your divorce without too much turbulence. As such, it’s certainly healthy to put aside any underlying resentments and move forward in a positive manner. This helps you and your respective family lawyers to reach fair custody arrangements that are in the best interests of you and your children. However it’s important to recognize that this civility shouldn’t end once the terms of the divorce and custody have been agreed on. Unfortunately, it may be the case that your former spouse doesn’t share your commitment to maintain a positive relationship to ensure that your children have the best possible experience with both par ...


Can a Foster Parent Fight for Custody?

Custody is most often shown as a battle fought by biological parents following divorce. There are even occasions in which adoptive parents are faced with these challenges. However, the experience of custody cases aren’t just limited to these parties and the children involved. Fostering is a vital part of the child welfare system. Without committed foster parents, there would be a lot more children in institutional-style group homes. As such, the foster system helps children to more effectively experience a safe and rewarding form of family life for the period that they are away from their biological parents. Whether this is for just a week or several years, the impact foster parents have ...


Contempt of Court for Ex Not Refinancing

The divorce process can be complex and stressful for everyone involved. This can be true even when you and your ex part on relatively good terms. This is why it is so important to work with an experienced divorce lawyer for men to achieve a fair final agreement. It’s vital for everyone involved to walk away from the situation with the correct division of assets and debts, alongside clear expectations for responsibilities moving forward. Nevertheless, this isn’t always the end of the story. Even when a fair and equitable agreement is in place, your ex may not hold up their end of the contract. One of the most common forms this can take is the failure to refinance a joint house loan. This i ...


First Right of Refusal Custody

Arranging the custody of your children can be one of the most emotionally taxing and stressful aspects of your divorce. Even when you and your ex part on relatively amicable terms, there can be various aspects that help to ensure you and your children benefit from a fair division of custody. This includes putting together a parenting plan that meets the needs of everyone involved. However, part of building an effective parenting plan includes consideration for unforeseen events. Agreeing upon effective first right of refusal custody arrangements comes into play here. One one level, this is a tool to make sure each party and your children can maximize your time with one another. It also ma ...


Car Repossession During Divorce

There are various difficulties involved with the divorce process. Among the most frustrating is how you and your spouse handle your property. It’s likely you’ve gained some significant assets during your time together and in Florida, all marital property is split equally. However, it is arranging this settlement that most couples focus on, and it can be easy to overlook elements that could complicate matters further. One of these is the prospect of either you or your spouse failing to make car repayments. If you or your spouse drop the ball during or after the settlement has been finalized, your car could be scheduled for repossession by your lender. This has knock-on consequences in a va ...


Can My Wife Kick Me Out of the House?

The divorce process can be uncomfortable even in the best circumstances. The life you and your spouse lived together for perhaps years has come to an end and aspects of it will be unraveling. Chief amongst these is your equal sharing of the family home. Like many men going through a divorce, you’re likely to find yourself asking, "can my wife kick me out of the house?" This is an important question. The way our society functions often leans in favor of women during the divorce. Between the historical decisions of the courts and social expectations, men often feel as though they have a duty to be the ones to leave the home. Yet, the truth of the matter is, the property is as much your home ...


Proving Cohabitation to Stop Alimony

Coming to the end of the divorce process usually means you’re free to move on with your life. However, as a man going through a divorce in Florida, there may be a lingering aspect of your marriage that is still causing a certain amount of frustration: alimony payments. While this is considered to be part of a fair division of assets, you certainly don’t expect it to be a permanent arrangement. In most cases, the courts will place an end date on your payments. But these can stop sooner if your ex is in a cohabiting relationship. After all, it’s not fair for you to keep giving a portion of your income if your former spouse is gaining financial support from a new partner. If your ex is ho ...

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