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Dissolution of Marriage in Florida Explained

No-Fault Divorce is the Law in Florida Florida is a no-fault divorce state, meaning that the only reason required for filing for divorce is that the marriage relationship is over, cannot be repaired, and in other words, is “irretrievably broken.” In addition, if a spouse has been mentally incapacitated for three years or longer, that is also grounds for filing for divorce. However, if either you or your spouse objects and denies that the marriage is beyond repair, it is possible for the court to order professional counseling for up to three months before Either spouse can file for the dissolution of marriage. When doing so, it must be proved that a marriage exists and that one of the partie ...


Children's Bill of Rights in a Divorce

Don't Take Your Children's Feelings For Granted The Children’s Bill of Rights is something we like to mention during or before a divorce involving children. We feel the issues discussed here are ones that often parents need to be reminded of. Things like not being forced to get involved in grown-up issues and remembering not to treat them like pawns during or after a divorce. After all, kids are people too. For the sake of a child’s education, their daily routine, and to help them better associate with family and/or friends, parents are requested to always remember that children deserve the following: The right not to be asked or expected to choose sides or be put in a situation where I ...


What is a Parenting Plan?

A parenting plan is the written document that describes how the child or children will be cared for after your divorce. Rather than applying the terminology of custody and visitation, the terms parental responsibility and time-sharing are used to describe the aspects of the parenting plan. Florida requires the parents of minor children to make a parenting plan in all divorce cases. In Law We Trust, P.A. is the preeminent legal firm for men in the Tampa area, and we will assist you in this process in order for you to achieve the best possible result for you and for your children. Understanding the Terms “Parental Responsibility” and “Time-Sharing” Parental responsibility refers to the authori ...


Can a Father Get Custody Of His Child in Florida?

Father’s legal rights in Florida with regard to family matters have evolved rapidly over the past few years. While it is unusual for either parent to get sole parental responsibility and custody of their children, it is not unheard of. Florida now has "parenting plans" where not only for “time-sharing,” but responsibility for every aspect of their child’s life must now be spelled out. It is generally believed that it is best for children to have adequate bonding time with both parents, no matter where the child lives. Sole custody is difficult to achieve and is awarded in rare situations. In order for sole or full custody to be granted to either parent, the court must determine that shared ...


How to Get Child Support Modified in Florida

Child Support Modification Child support can be modified at any time provided that a parent can demonstrate that circumstances have changed significantly since the last judgement. Those circumstances can include a dramatic increase or decrease in income resulting from a job change, a dramatic increase of decrease in the number of overnights the child stays with each parent, or a change in expenses. The most common reason for a child support modification is a change in income. Many times this is legitimate as circumstances and employment opportunities evolve. However and unfortunately, some parents may try to evade financial responsibility and reduce their income by either quitting their ...

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