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Can a Parent Lose Custody for False Accusations?

Custody can be a quite challenging subject both in the immediate aftermath of a divorce and in the years following. Certainly, the aim is to reach an arrangement that is in the child’s best interests and fair for both parents. Unfortunately, this isn’t enough for some parents, and they may resort to leveling false accusations against the other parent. This may be in an attempt to manipulate custody arrangements or to smear the other’s reputation as “punishment” for the divorce. If the accusing parent is found to be acting falsely, there can be significant consequences. But, can a parent lose custody for false accusations? Well, yes, in Florida that can be one o ...


Step Parent Adoption in Florida: What It Is and FAQs

Adoption is a profound journey that reshapes families and lives. Among the various forms of adoption, step-parent adoption holds a unique place, especially in the context of Florida’s legal landscape. This process not only solidifies the bond between a step-parent and step-child but also carries significant legal implications. Understanding the nuances of step-parent adoption in Florida is crucial for those considering this life-changing decision.  What is Step Parent Adoption? Step-parent adoption is a legal process where a step-parent assumes full parental rights and responsibilities for their spouse’s child.  This form of adoption differs from other types, such as ...


Can Parents Agree to No Child Support?

Child support is one of the most important elements of any divorce or custody case. After all, it helps to ensure that your child continues receiving the same level of material support they got when you and your former spouse were together. This helps maintain their well-being not just physically, but also emotionally, as it tends to mitigate the potential for disruptions in household stability. This is especially important at a time when they may feel other areas of their life are not so predictable as a result of divorce and changes to the family unit.  However, in some instances, families may consider whether it’s strictly necessary for both parents to pay child support. This ...


Is Child Support Still Paid with Joint Custody?

Child support is one of the most important factors to determine whenever parents end their relationship. It ensures that the child continues to have the quality of life they deserve, regardless of their parents’ relationship status. There is often the assumption that child support is only awarded in situations where there is one parent with primary custody. But what about other forms of custody arrangement? Many parents are committed to sharing custody to some extent. So, is child support still paid with joint custody? The simple answer is that it depends on a variety of factors. The type of joint custody arrangement, income, time sharing and other elements contribute to what financia ...


Can a Man Put a Woman on Child Support?

There should never be any question that a child’s needs take precedence in any family law case. This is particularly vital to navigating child support matters. Indeed, in recent years, Florida has been prioritizing an ostensibly more equitable approach to determining the division of child support payments. When applied effectively, this tends to be a positive way to ensure a child’s ongoing welfare. However, there are certain cultural nuances that can still affect how child support is paid. While the traditional roles of men as breadwinners and women as homemakers no longer really apply, there are sometimes quite persistent gender-based assumptions in family law cases. Generally ...


What Happens if a Parent Doesn't Show Up For the Child Support Hearing?

Child support hearings in Florida should never be taken lightly. In many ways, they directly impact the financial and emotional well-being of children whose parents have separated or divorced. This means they’re more than mere formalities. They’re critical for establishing fair and equitable financial support arrangements, ensuring the child's best interests, and upholding the legal obligations of each parent.  However there may be times that a parent doesn’t show up for a child support hearing. This can occur for various reasons. It may be the case that one of the parents has legitimate reasons for not making the scheduled date, due to work commitments or health ...

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