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How to Get Child Support Modified in Florida

Child Support Modification Child support can be modified at any time provided that a parent can demonstrate that circumstances have changed significantly since the last judgement. Those circumstances can include a dramatic increase or decrease in income resulting from a job change, a dramatic increase of decrease in the number of overnights the child stays with each parent, or a change in expenses. The most common reason for a child support modification is a change in income. Many times this is legitimate as circumstances and employment opportunities evolve. However and unfortunately, some parents may try to evade financial responsibility and reduce their income by either quitting their ...


How is Child Support Calculated in Florida?

Florida Child Support Guidelines In the State of Florida both parents are obligated to provide financial support and health care for their children, whether they are married or not. Florida follows an “Income Shares Model” for determining child support, and there are calculators that are used to estimate these support obligations. Since there are so many different factors that can be taken into consideration to determine the amount and rate of support, it is very important to seek the advice of a family lawyer, especially one that specializes in the rights of fathers in Florida. In Law We Trust, P.A. is the preeminent legal firm for men in the Tampa area, and we will assist you in this proc ...


3 Common Legal Issues Men Face Associated with Divorce

Divorce itself can be an emotional and financial drain on all parties involved.  While nobody is exempt from the difficulty, it can be especially tricky to understand the rights and options for men during the process. While nothing can erase all the challenges, it can certainly be simplified by hiring a qualified divorce lawyer for men to help you walk through some of the most common legal issues that arise. Child Custody and Visitation Any divorce lawyer for men will tell you that child custody and visitation can be one of the messiest parts about divorce. When high emotions clash with what is in the best interest of the child, sometimes it can be challenging to identify what proper visit ...


Determining the Best Interest of the Child in Divorce Proceedings

The phrase “best interest of the child” is something that a divorce attorney for men hears on nearly a daily basis. Just because the other party claims that their opinion is the best resolution, doesn’t always mean that it is true. It is the job of a savvy divorce attorney for men to identify what makes one living arrangement or another long-term plan the best possible outcome for their client as well as their children. In divorces that involve children, the courts are very sensitive to how the final decision will impact the child's life. The common factors that the court considers are: The mental and physical health of parents The child’s wishes if they are of a certain age Re ...


What to Do If You’re Appointed a Florida Child Custody Social Investigator

Divorce cases involving children are often time-consuming and the court takes it’s time to ensure that the case is decided in the best interest of a child. Therefore, the court often will appoint a social investigator to look into the child’s living situation and recommend a time-sharing plan on behalf of the court. According to Florida statute 61.20, a social investigator is a qualified staff of the court, a child-placing agency, a psychologist, a clinical social work, or a marriage and family, therapist. The courts can also appoint an experienced family lawyer for men as a potential court-appointed investigator. Appointing a social investigator will often prevent the child from having t ...

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