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What is Family Law?

Family Law 101 Family law is the legal practice that focuses on issues involving family relationships including divorce, child custody, paternity, and adoption. Attorneys practicing family law represent their clients in family court proceedings and in related negotiations. A family law attorney will draft important legal documents including court petitions and property agreements, litigate contested matters, and negotiate for the best interests of their clients.What Kind of Matters Fall Under the Practice of Family Law? The most common family law issues also pertain to visitation rights, child and spousal support, the division of marital assets, guardianship, and child protection. Howe ...


How is Debt Divided in a Divorce in Florida?

Division of Debts During Divorce During a divorce in Florida, certain assets are subject to division by the courts. The same is true for the division of debts and that can include everything from credit cards to your mortgage. However, there are debts that are not subject to division and they are classified as premarital and non-marital. Premarital debts include debts that a spouse incurred before the marriage. Non-marital debts include debts acquired during the marriage that are only listed in one name and have not been used to contribute to the marriage or marital assets. It is not always easy to determine exactly what category your debt will fall into under Florida law, but consulting wi ...


Keeping the Marital Home in a Divorce

Have a Plan For the Marital Home The marital home should be treated as an asset during divorce, and while it is understandable that the home may be very important to you emotionally, it is important to be aware of all the practical and financial aspects of whether to sell your home, keep it, or allow your spouse to keep it. If you are getting ready to go through a divorce and are struggling with this issue, seek the expertise of In Law We Trust, P.A. As attorneys who represent men in the Tampa Bay area, we can review your financial situations, explain all your options, and discuss what the economic impact of those options might be for you.Will Moving Out of the House Be Considered Aband ...


Options For Fairly Dividing the Home Value During a Divorce

Dividing the House Value During Divorce In Florida, as an equitable distribution state, assets are divided during divorce based on their value. Before you decide how you will split up the home, you will need to have its value determined. While it is possible for you to calculate your home’s worth based on comparable properties in your area, it is a better idea to hire the services of a professional appraisal. Once you have a fair market value or appraisal of your home, you can then better evaluate your options as to how to move forward. In Law We Trust, P.A., the top attorneys in Tampa for representing men in family law matters, can’t stress enough the importance of properly valuing this a ...


Premarital Agreements in Divorce Explained

What Is a Premarital Agreement? In Florida, prenuptial agreements are called premarital agreements. Many couples decide on premarital agreements to protect their assets and their financial futures. These agreements are contracts that were made between prospective spouses before marriage, cover each of their financial rights and obligations during the marriage, and define how certain issues such as alimony and property division will be treated if the marriage ends in divorce. If you have a premarital agreement and are considering divorce, this is one of the first things that should be discussed with your attorney.Is My Premarital Agreement Enforceable? Yes, in most cases you are obligat ...


Estate Planning in Divorce

Don't Forget About Estate Planning It’s always a good idea to start planning ahead for things that will need to be altered due to the changes in relationships that occur with divorce. Many people forget the important step of estate planning during pre-divorce and post-divorce activities. Most likely, you will not want your ex-spouse’s name on documents that relate to your future finances or your healthcare directives. If you are contemplating or going through a divorce, be proactive in your approach and get legal advice about estate planning as soon as possible.What Documents are Related to My Estate? Some of the key documents that deal with your estate include:Life Insurance Poli ...

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