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What Happens to Property Owned Before Marriage in Florida?

Property division is an important part of the divorce process. You are likely to have property and finances that you acquired prior to your marriage and it is in your best interests to ensure these items are protected. It’s also vital to make certain your spouse doesn’t attempt to conceal marital assets by claiming they were owned prior to your union. Your best chance of success in these matters arises when you collaborate with experienced attorneys. The firm of In Law We Trust Divorce and Family Lawyers has earned a reputation for guiding Florida men through the challenges associated with asset division during divorce. So, let’s take a look at what happens to property owned before ma ...


Contempt of Court for Ex Not Refinancing

The divorce process can be complex and stressful for everyone involved. This can be true even when you and your ex part on relatively good terms. This is why it is so important to work with an experienced divorce lawyer for men to achieve a fair final agreement. It’s vital for everyone involved to walk away from the situation with the correct division of assets and debts, alongside clear expectations for responsibilities moving forward. Nevertheless, this isn’t always the end of the story. Even when a fair and equitable agreement is in place, your ex may not hold up their end of the contract. One of the most common forms this can take is the failure to refinance a joint house loan. This i ...


What Does “Equitable Distribution” Mean in a Florida Divorce?

What Does “Equitable Distribution” Mean? If you are beginning the divorce process in the state of Florida, you certainly have questions about how the division of assets and liabilities from your marriage will be handled. Florida operates under the laws of “equitable distribution” as the way that spouses divide their property and debts in a divorce. Equitable distribution means “fair” division, but does not necessarily mean “equal” division. While it may be possible for the parties involved in the divorce to come to a mutually-acceptable agreement about how assets and liabilities will be divided, in many cases, when an agreement can’t be reached, a judge will step in. Unfortunately, this of ...


Should You Date While Divorcing?

Each Situation is Unique, But Generally We Advise Against It This is a frequent question we receive from our clients. Since the circumstances surrounding each divorce are always so different, it is tough to answer definitively. However, taking into account all of the different scenarios we have encountered that include a third or even fourth party’s involvement, In Law We Trust Divorce and Family Lawyers generally advises that during your divorce process you exercise a degree of caution and restraint with regard to dating. Even if you think the separation is amicable, most likely there are still unsettled emotions involved and you don’t know for sure how your wife will react. The last thing ...


Dividing Property Debt During a Divorce

Start With an Appraisal of the Property One of the common challenges that many couples face during divorce is how to handle property debt or a mortgage associated with the family home. There are a few options about how to move forward, but first and foremost it is important to have an appraisal of the property for determining the current value, if there is any equity in the home, and if so, how much. The difference between the current market value and the amount of debt or mortgage on the property will determine the equity. Equity can be affected by the amount of the original down payment, any refinancing, home equity lines of credit, when the property was originally purchased, and how lo ...


How Are Bank Accounts Split in a Divorce?

How Do Courts View Separate Bank Accounts in a Divorce? There are many misconceptions about the division of property during a divorce, and some of those misconceptions have to do with the division of bank accounts. You should be aware that the name on a bank account doesn’t necessarily dictate who will receive those funds. The divorce court judge will determine whether the funds are joint property or one spouse’s separate property by applying Florida state law. Not only with regard to bank accounts, but getting what is rightfully yours in a divorce, no matter whose name is listed on the asset, can be complicated. Consult with an experienced divorce lawyer regarding the protection of your fi ...

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