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Who Pays Attorney Fees in a Florida Divorce?

Divorce is a complex and emotionally taxing process that also comes with financial implications. One of the most pressing questions that couples face when going through a divorce in Florida is: Who will be responsible for the attorney fees? It's no surprise that divorces can be expensive, so it isn't uncommon for this to be a main concern. Section 1: Introduction to Attorney Fees in Florida Divorce Cases In Florida, the question of who pays for attorney fees in a divorce case is not as straightforward as one might think. Unlike alimony or child support, which have specific guidelines, the allocation of attorney fees is generally at the discretion of the court. The primary statute gover ...


Navigating HB 1301: A Guide During Divorce

Over the course of my career as an attorney specializing in representing men during divorces, I've always believed in the importance of staying informed about changes in the law and sharing this knowledge with my clients. Recently, a significant change has occurred in Florida's family law landscape with the introduction of a new law, HB 1301, which directly impacts parenting and time-sharing of minor children. This law, which went into effect on July 1, 2023, removes the requirement for an unanticipated change in circumstances to modify a parenting plan or time-sharing schedule. It creates a rebuttable presumption that equal time-sharing is in the best interests of the child, and sets the ...


How to Prove a Common Law Marriage

The concept of a common law marriage is often surrounded by a lot of speculation. Many people believe they know what it entails: that being with your partner for a set number of years means you’re legally recognized as a married couple, despite not having an official ceremony. Yet, it’s always important to avoid proceeding on the basis of popular belief on such matters. In truth, common law marriage in Florida is a complex matter. There are specific restrictions in place surrounding its application. Even if your relationship hypothetically qualifies for recognition under state legislation, you’ll still need to provide sufficient evidence to support your relationship status ...


The Guide to Divorce by Publication in Florida

Divorce is an emotionally challenging journey, and it becomes even more complex when one spouse cannot be located or refuses to participate in the legal process. The good news is that if your spouse is unreachable or unresponsive to being served papers, you’re not stuck in your marriage. Divorce by publication may be an option to ensure your dissolution proceeds in a timely manner.  This doesn’t mean to say divorce by publication in Florida is a simple matter. There are various nuances and conditions that you need to consider. Working with an attorney experienced in navigating the Florida family courts system is essential in these types of cases. Nevertheless, it's wor ...


Divorce Differences: Short-Term vs Long-Term Marriages

A marriage is not something most people take lightly. They involve a lot of work, compromise, and occasional sacrifices to thrive. Unfortunately, even with your best efforts and intentions, you may find it’s healthier for everyone involved to seek a divorce.This can be particularly difficult to accept if you’ve spent many years married to your spouse. You’ve shared challenges, experiences, property, and perhaps even have children together. The idea of dissolving your union after your history together may feel a little alien and somewhat overwhelming. That said, marriages of even just a few years can be incredibly emotionally-charged, too. However, it’s important to r ...


Pregnancy During Divorce: What Happens in Florida?

Divorce can be an emotionally turbulent time for any couple. However, there are also components that can complicate matters. These usually revolve around custody arrangements or the division of assets. One issue that can combine these elements and more is if your spouse is pregnant during the divorce process.  Florida has its own set of laws and regulations that come into play when pregnancy coincides with divorce proceedings. Understanding how this impacts divorce and the subsequent custody arrangements is crucial for both parties involved, particularly fathers who may face unique challenges. Given the complexity of this issue, it's also more important than ever to work with an a ...

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