Can my alimony payments be modified?

Can my alimony payments be modified?

Divorce Attorney for Men | A judge decides on how much money should be awarded for alimony based on a variety of conditions and documents like annual pay and job status. What happens though, if any of these circumstances change after a court order is in place?

To change your alimony payments, you will need to consult a divorce attorney for men that is knowledgeable on the court proceedings required to make a legal change. Any substantial change in your income, such as job loss, remarriage or serious illness or death can count as grounds for alimony modification. Additionally, in Florida, if the spouse receiving alimony begins a live-in relationship, that is grounds for a possible reduction in alimony.

In order to modify alimony, your skilled divorce attorney for men should file a Supplemental Petition for Modification of Alimony. This must be done in the same court that the original divorce was filed in. This filing must include a detailed description of why you’re petitioning for alimony to be modified and a copy of the original divorce agreement.

The other spouse then has 20 days to file an answer or a counter petition. In some Florida courts, mediation may be required before courtroom litigation takes place. If there is any disagreement, you and your former spouse may have to go in front of a judge for a hearing or trial. At trial, you must show that you are entitled to the alimony modification based on a change of circumstances or income.

If you believe you may be paying too much alimony, or if your personal income situation has changed since your divorce filing, contact a qualified divorce attorney for men. Contact the law offices of John DeGirolamo of In Law We Trust.



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