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Should You Withdraw Money From a Joint Bank Account During a Divorce?

You may have heard horror stories about a friend or a friend of a friend, whose spouse suddenly cleaned out a bank account without warning, leaving them high and dry. Scary? Yes! Is it a reason to panic and think that you should do it first? No! If you are contemplating divorce, this is another reason to consult with a divorce attorney. Contact the lawyers from In Law We Trust, P.A. for practical guidance, as well as legal advice about how to handle finances during divorce within the boundaries of the law. It's Not as Simple as You Would Think While it may seem perfectly within your rights to withdraw funds that are in your name, and you also may be in the situation where you are contrib ...


Should You Stop Paying the Mortgage & Spouse’s Bills During a Divorce?

What Are Your Legal Responsibilities? During divorce, interactions between the spouses can become hostile, angry, bitter, and spiteful. Add to that the uncertainty of a future financial outcome and the situation can quickly become a recipe for disaster. The attorneys of In Law We Trust, P.A. are frequently asked by our clients as to how to handle financial obligations during the divorce process - whether or not they have moved out of the house. Couples at the early stages of divorce often find it simplest to keep the status quo in terms of paying household bills – in other words, continue to share bills that were typically shared, and take care of ones that each spouse usually covered alone ...


Should You Represent Yourself in a Divorce?

It is not unusual for men to believe that with a little research and their own negotiating skills, divorce might be something that they can figure out on their own. While you may be tempted to file for divorce on your own using court provided documents or information from a book, website, or worse yet, advice from well-meaning friends - don’t do it! Your future is too important! Always, Always, Always Seek Proper Representation Divorce is a complicated process. Combine that with it also being an emotional time, and you can make damaging mistakes that will drastically alter the outcome - and not in your favor! This definitely is one scenario that it is an absolute must to seek out expert ...


Should You Move Out of Your Home During a Divorce?

It Could Be a Big Mistake This is a question that we frequently discuss with our clients - and it is a tough one! We understand that things are probably pretty tense for all concerned when couples are considering divorce or in the midst of the divorce process. You may feel like you need space in order to get your thoughts together and lower your stress level. Emotions are probably running high and it is most likely difficult to keep from exchanging petty remarks, tossing criticisms back and forth, arguing, and bringing up the transgressions of the past. As a man, you may think that it is up to you to be the one to leave, as you want to know that your children (and even your soon to be ex) a ...


Can Modifications Be Made to Custody and Parenting Plans in Florida?

The Burden is on the Parent Seeking the Modification It is possible to make modifications to a court ordered parenting plan. However, the burden is on the parent that wants to change the time-sharing arrangement. It must be shown that there have been significant changes in circumstances since the last order was entered and that there are valid reasons for making new arrangements for the children. When seeking a father’s custody rights or any changes to existing parenting plans, it is important to show that that you have been, and are willing to continue to be, cooperative with the other parent on all issues that relate to your children. You also must prove that you are willing to keep th ...


Is it Possible in Florida for a Father to be Awarded Custody of His Children?

It's All About the 'Parenting Plan' First and foremost, it is important to understand that the courts will review a number of factors when granting custody. All of these factors will be tied to what is considered “in the best interests of the children.” In general, the courts believe that it is best for children to have adequate bonding time with both parents, no matter who the children live with. Rather than exclusively using the term “custody,” Florida law now recognizes the term of the “parenting plan” where not only are the time-sharing specifics clearly defined, but responsibility for every aspect of their child’s life is detailed. Sole responsibility or “custody” without visitation ...

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