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Pregnancy During Divorce: What Happens in Florida?

Divorce can be an emotionally turbulent time for any couple. However, there are also components that can complicate matters. These usually revolve around custody arrangements or the division of assets. One issue that can combine these elements and more is if your spouse is pregnant during the divorce process.  Florida has its own set of laws and regulations that come into play when pregnancy coincides with divorce proceedings. Understanding how this impacts divorce and the subsequent custody arrangements is crucial for both parties involved, particularly fathers who may face unique challenges. Given the complexity of this issue, it's also more important than ever to work with an a ...


What is a Marital Settlement Agreement in Florida?

A divorce in Florida can be quite paperwork-intensive, depending on your circumstances. There may be petitions to file, a discovery process to undertake, and terms to agree upon. Much of this administration is necessary to ensure the divorce and all components related to it are lawful. It’s also designed to protect all parties involved from negative consequences. This can be daunting, but an experienced family law attorney can help you navigate it effectively. One of the common administrative elements of a divorce in Florida is a marital settlement agreement. While it may not be a part of all splits, it tends to be one of the central documents that tend to form part of the final disso ...


Unmarried Couple with Children Splitting Up: What to Do

A breakup is rarely an easy process when there are children involved. There will likely be a lot of difficult emotions as well as formal arrangements to be made. This can be challenging enough when a couple has been married for the entirety of their children’s lives. Unfortunately, if you and your former partner are not married, you may find additional legal hurdles to establish arrangements that are best for everyone involved. Too many fathers still find that the Florida court system favors mothers in custody cases, particularly when the parents are unmarried and there’s little official paperwork to support the consistent parent-child relationship the father has had thus far. ...


How Long Does a Father Have to Establish Paternity?

Establishing your paternity is an important step. This isn’t just because it enshrines your rights and responsibilities as a parent-in-law. It also helps to ensure you and the child in question can build your relationship, even if you only become aware of your potential fatherhood when they’re a teenager. Time plays a role in paternity cases. You certainly want to ensure the process is as swift and efficient as possible. After all, a shorter case means that you get more time with your child if the result is positive and you mitigate your financial burden if it turns out to be negative. This is why it can be so important to collaborate with a family lawyer with experience representing men ...


What is the Worst Age for Divorce for Kids?

Divorces don’t just happen. They’re usually subject to months and sometimes years of serious consideration and assessment. In many instances, the decision-making processes will be centered on the strength of the couple’s feelings for one another or the negative behavior of either or both parties. Nevertheless, one of the most important considerations is how a divorce could impact any shared children. As a man seeking a divorce in Florida, you need to be mindful of how your kids and your relationships with them could be affected as a result of the split. One element that can be worth examining is whether your kids’ age factors into how you should approach your divorce ...


How to Avoid Discovery in a Divorce

Not all divorces take the same shape. While there are some common aspects and essential legal documents, each divorcing couple has a unique set of needs, preferences, and challenges. Therefore, it can be worth looking at ways to tailor the process to suit the circumstances. One of the areas that some men going through divorce in Florida consider removing is the discovery process. Discovery is a common aspect of most divorces. The respective attorneys look into information and evidence related to the shared and individual assets, alongside elements that are relevant to custody arrangements. This then forms the basis for decisions related to the division of assets, custody sharing, and child ...


Examples of Real Divorce Discovery Questions

Divorce proceedings can be a difficult and emotional time for both parties involved. However, it is important to make sure that all assets and liabilities are accounted for and divided fairly. This is where the process of discovery comes in. Discovery is the process of gathering information and evidence from the other party to build a case. One of the most important aspects of discovery is the use of discovery questions. These questions are designed to elicit information from the other party about their financial status, property, and other relevant factors that could affect the outcome of the divorce settlement. In this article, we will discuss examples of real divorce discovery question ...

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