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Child Custody
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Child Custody Family Law Attorney

Child Custody Tampa | Going through a divorce can be a difficult and challenging experience for anyone, but children often suffer the most. The parent who wins custody won’t always make enough money to give the children the things they need to live a happy and healthy life. But the problem gets even worse: some parents will even use children to get back at their former spouses, which creates a lot of unneeded stress.

A qualified divorce attorney will do what it takes to make sure that parents have the best possible odds of winning in court. From 2014 to 2017, attorney John DeGirolamo was selected by the National Trial Lawyers of America as one of the top 40 under 40 in Florida. Getting an experienced family law attorney is vital for anyone who is currently facing a divorce and wants to reach a fair outcome.

Child Support

When a couple gets a divorce, the parent who does not get full custody will need to make payments to help support the children. The parent who has child custody can use the money to pay for food, clothes and other items that are essential to the health and well-being of the children. When the Judge decides the amount of money that a parent will need to pay, the Judge will take income and other factors into consideration. In some cases, the terms of the child support agreement won’t be fair to both parents, and a divorce attorney can help make sure the appropriate outcome is reached. It is essential that your Family and Divorce attorney understand the Florida Child Support Guidelines.

Factors that Impact Payment Amounts

Although the income of the parents will play a role in the amount of money that they need to pay, other factors will also make a difference. For example, a child who faces medical issues or has sustained injuries will demand additional future funds to overcome those financial challenges.

The Judge should keep this fact in mind when making a decision, and a divorce lawyer will ensure that parents have access to the money they need no matter the situation. Also, a father could experience a decrease in pay, making it all but impossible to make the payments each month. A father’s rights attorney will bring this issue to the Judge’s attention to give the father the best odds of receiving fair treatment. A mother’s rights attorney will ensure that the payments are still being made in the best interests of the child(ren). Attorney John DeGirolamo represents both the Mother and Father in Family Law Disputes.

Seeking Overdue Payments

Sadly, not all parents live up to their responsibility of paying support each month, which can make life much more difficult for children and their guardians. Recovering the missing funds is not always as easy as it sounds, and people are usually left without answers.

When a person is serious about collecting overdue payments, turning to a divorce lawyer will enable that person to combat the problem, enforce court Orders, and begin to again receive the funds that the children need and deserve. With the support and guidance of a family lawyer, parents can hold each other accountable, and doing so will improve the quality of life for the children involved.

Child Custody Tampa

During a divorce, deciding who should get the majority or full custody of a child can be a complex process. The goal is to put the child in a home environment that will provide the child(ren) with the highest chance of succeeding in life while giving both parents the opportunity to visit and care for the child(ren). Unfortunately, the parents themselves do not always live up to the highest standards for their child(ren).

Parents are often unfairly denied the right to see their children on a regular basis, and the court will sometimes place children in homes that are not beneficial to their well-being. Attorney John DeGirolamo will ensure that mother and fathers will be able to spend time visiting and bonding with their children. Attorney John DeGirolamo represents mothers and fathers in child custody disputes.

Getting Fair Treatment for the Children

With the stress and emotional pain of going through a divorce, thinking with a clear head won’t always be easy. Most parents want to provide their children with the tools that they need to be happy and healthy, but getting fair treatment is not always simple. Nobody should try to prevent children from seeing a caring parent or from having access to life’s necessities. By hiring the right family lawyer, any parent can provide their child with a fair treatment at every turn.

Final Thoughts

Family is the most important thing in your life, right? Well, when things begin to fall apart, ask yourself: do I want a lawyer or a litigator? Although going through a divorce can cause stress for everyone involved with the process, having a competent, experienced, and aggressive lawyer on hand will help. When someone enlists the services of a Family and Divorce attorney, the lawyer will promptly review the details of the case and provide the parent with dependable representation in court they need. Attorney John DeGirolamo is that attorney. Getting started is easy, and you should pick up the phone and give attorney John DeGirolamo a call to begin the representation of you and your family.


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