Family Law for Men | Dangers of Cellphone GPS Tracking

Dangers of Cellphone GPS Tracking

In addition to bugging, cellphones can serve as location tracking devices, broadcasting GPS coordinates of the victim in real time to a watchful abuser. Numerous programs allow a user to be made aware of the location of another user’s phone; some of these programs are offered by the cell service providers themselves. An example of such a service, Sprint’s Family Locator service, advertises that with the service one can, “see your loved ones’ location – instantly, any time.” While this may be comforting to a parent, an abuser may see this as a golden opportunity to track the victim’s location without the victim having any idea. Further, this GPS tracking isn’t limited to cellphones. Standalone GPS devices have become compact, light-weight, and ultra-portable. Some are advertised as being smaller than a quarter. Although they are designed with concerned parents in mind, the technology can easily be abused by a stalker intent on tracking his or her victim. The size and weight of these devices makes detection by the victim virtually impossible, and they appear to be designed to have a very long lifespan. An unsuspecting victim could carry around such a device for months – even years – without having any knowledge of its existence, during which time the abuser could know in real-time, any time, exactly where the victim is located. If you feel that you are victim of a domestic violence via cellphone GPS tracking, talk to a family law for men firm.  A family law for men firm who specializes in domestic violence can talk to you about your rights and evaluate your case. There are several resources and options for men who may want to take legal action in the case of domestic violence. By contacting a family law for men firm, you can have a partner in legal actions against a harmful spouse. John DeGirolamo with In Law We Trust will be your partner and advocate for your rights.
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