Family Law For Men | Cellphone Bugging

Family Law for Men | Cellphone Bugging

While cellphones have made communication easy and virtually instantaneous, they have also opened up the door to a variety of abuses. In particular, they make “bugging,” or covertly listening in on the victim’s conversations, remarkably easy and virtually undetectable unless the victim knows what to look for. There exist a number of software programs that act as cellphone spyware. An example of this is “Stealth Genie.” This software, touted as the most powerful spyware program available, is very easy to install on a victim’s phone. With nothing more than two minutes of unfettered access to the phone, a stalker can download and install the application. Then, without any further physical contact with the phone, the stalker can use the application to do such things as record phone conversations, view texts, turn on the phone’s microphone and record the sound even if no call is in progress, and remotely control the phone, allowing the stalker to effectively block the victim from using the phone at all. This is just one of a number of programs that are commercially available to anyone, with no regard for intent or outcome. The cost of such a program? Stealth Genie, the example above, costs between eight and sixteen dollars per month, depending on the features desired. If you feel that you are victim of a domestic violence via cellphone bugging, talk to a family law for men lawyer.  A family law for men firm who specializes in domestic violence can talk to you about your rights and evaluate your case. There are several resources and options for men who may want to take legal action in the case of domestic violence. By contacting a family law for men firm, you can have a partner in legal actions against a harmful spouse. John DeGirolamo with In Law We Trust will be your partner and advocate for your rights.
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