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Facebook Stalking is Cyberstalking

As of the end of the calendar year 2012, the social media site Facebook has over one billion registered users. Further, the average Facebook user has 130 friends, and is a member of 80 groups. When you add to that the fact that Facebook no longer allows users to hide their profiles from public searches by name, it is no surprise that Facebook stalking is fast becoming an often-seen form of cyberstalking.

One of the more common forms of cyberstalking on Facebook is the use of so-called “clone accounts,” which are fake accounts of real people made by another person, not the real person him- or herself. The most common procedure for stalking via clone account is as follows:

1. The stalker selects the name of someone connected to the target, creates a fake profile, and adds legitimate information about the person named, including pictures, occupation and other personal information gleaned from a brief internet search.

2. The stalker sends out friend requests to people that the clone account and the target have in common – again, determined by viewing the real profile being spoofed, or by an internet search, or by information known or gotten by offline means. The stalker can add a personal message to the friend request, an innocuous message explain the friend request.

3. Once enough common friends have accepted the friend request, the clone account sends a friend request to the target Facebook user. The profile looks authentic, and with upwards of 130 or more friends, it may often be hard to know who one has already friended and who might have been accidentally unfriended. Once the target accepts the request, the cyberstalker has access to every bit of information that the target has posted on Facebook.

The methods for stalking via electronic means are increasing exponentially and can considered during a domestic violence case. If you feel that you are victim of a domestic violence via electronic stalking, talk to a family lawyer for men. A family lawyer for men who specializes in domestic violence can talk to you about your rights and evaluate your case.

There are several resources and options for men who may want to take legal action in the case of domestic violence. By contacting a family lawyer for men, you can have a partner in legal actions against a harmful spouse. John DeGirolamo with In Law We Trust will be your partner and advocate for your rights.

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