A Child Psychiatrist vs. The Court

Family Lawyer for Men | During divorce proceedings that involve children, judge’s in Florida are bound to make decisions based on the children’s best interest. If there is any dispute between time sharing in a custody case, oftentimes the opinion of an expert will also weigh into the decision. However, what weight does an expert, such as a therapist, have on the matter?

Most judges in Florida will not take the testimony of a minor child into account. Consult with a skilled family lawyer for men who can recommend whether to get a child psychiatrist involved. A child psychiatrist will interview both parents, and the child, providing a unique voice to the case at hand.

However, it’s important to understand that the psychiatrist is not there to regurgitate what you want. Any family lawyer for men will tell you that there are unknown risks involved with a psychiatrist speaking — you can be caught off guard by what they might say. Additionally, there are benefits of letting the court appoint an attorney versus an attorney you have personally hired. There could be potential biases with a personally appointed attorney compared to a court appointed attorney that is meant to act in the best interest of the child and provide a professional evaluation on how divorce will affect the child.

A court appointed psychiatrist can help draft a parenting plan with recommendations on time sharing. Additionally, they are beneficial in cases involving paternity issues and domestic abuse cases.

If you are questioning the benefits of a court appointed psychologist, talk to a family lawyer for men who can advise you on the issue. Contact the law offices of In Law We Trust for a confidential consultation on the issue.