Relocation with Children After a Divorce

Family Lawyer for Men | If you and your former spouse are co-parenting following a divorce, there can be life events that can wreak havoc on your otherwise mutually beneficial parenting plan. Specifically, the need for one parent to relocate, whether for work or other personal reasons, can be a point of contention in divorce agreements.

Relocating can be a major change in the life of a child. It means uprooting them from their social circles, from their friends and from school. This can be a huge change for both parents and the child. Because of this, Florida law has set requirements and laws in place to protect spouses from one leaving the area — whether the child is coming with them or not.

According to Florida law, any parent that has time sharing custody and is moving further than 50 miles away needs to go before a judge to modify a co-parenting plan. It’s ideal to discuss the potential ramifications with a family lawyer for men who can advise you the best course of action. These rules are specifically in place for minor children, or children that are still a part of an active court order.

Both parents will likely need to amend their parenting plan and enter the new agreement formally to the court in writing. This often requires the help of an attorney, specifically a family lawyer for men that can advocate for your rights and your rights to your child.

If you or your spouse is attempting to relocate, it’s best to consult with a family lawyer for men who can ensure you get the results you’re looking for. Relocation can be a major life event, and get help along the way to make it an easy process for you and your family. Contact In Law We Trust for a confidential consultation on your rights and how to relocate with ease.