How is Child Support Calculated in Florida?

Florida Child Support Guidelines

In the State of Florida both parents are obligated to provide financial support and health care for their children, whether they are married or not. Florida follows an “Income Shares Model” for determining child support, and there are calculators that are used to estimate these support obligations. Since there are so many different factors that can be taken into consideration to determine the amount and rate of support, it is very important to seek the advice of a family lawyer, especially one that specializes in the rights of fathers in Florida. In Law We Trust, P.A. is the preeminent legal firm for men in the Tampa area, and we will assist you in this process, helping you to achieve the best possible result for you and for your children.

What Factors are Considered?

When considering child support obligations, the courts will attempt to estimate the amount of money the parents would have spent on their children if they remained together and were not divorcing. There may be additional costs such as medical expenses, health insurance, child care expenses necessary for the parent to work, and educational expenses taken into consideration as well. Generally speaking, this total amount is then divided in proportion to the parents’ net income and that percentage of child support obligation is assigned to each parent.

The Courts Set the Amounts

While there are specific guidelines for determining the minimum amount of child support and how much of it is paid by each parent, other factors such as the child’s needs, age, living standards, finances of the parents, and the amount of nights spent with each parent are also taken into consideration. However, the court is granted some flexibility in setting the amount of child support and is allowed to set a support amount that is either five percent above or five percent below the guidelines amount if it feels the circumstances warrant it. If the court seeks to vary from the guidelines by more than five percent, it must make a written finding that explains why the amount they propose is appropriate. Once child support has been ordered, it generally continues until the child reaches 18 years of age, or until the child finishes high school or even college, if that is what has been agreed upon.

Be advised and counseled by an attorney from In Law We Trust, P.A. about your rights and obligations regarding child support. We will make sure that your interests and the interests of your children are protected in the best possible way.

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