Should You Date While Divorcing?

Each Situation is Unique, But Generally We Advise Against It

This is a frequent question we receive from our clients. Since the circumstances surrounding each divorce are always so different, it is tough to answer definitively. However, taking into account all of the different scenarios we have encountered that include a third or even fourth party’s involvement, In Law We Trust Divorce and Family Lawyers generally advises that during your divorce process you exercise a degree of caution and restraint with regard to dating. Even if you think the separation is amicable, most likely there are still unsettled emotions involved and you don’t know for sure how your wife will react. The last thing you need is to create any bad blood and to cause problems during negotiations. The fewer avoidable complications that are brought into a divorce situation, the better!


No matter who initiated the divorce, and no matter what the circumstances, establishing or flaunting a new relationship may make things more difficult with your spouse. Dating during divorce can stall or jeopardize custody and parenting arrangements, especially if your spouse openly objects subjecting your children to an unfamiliar adult or adults on a regular basis. It is even possible that concerns may be brought up in court about what kind of person your new partner might be. In addition, be very careful with your living arrangements as moving in with a new relationship could affect not only your parenting plan or support obligations but also cause other complexities to arise. The integrity of your new partner be questioned, and even anyone else associated with or living with her may be scrutinized, too. You don’t want anything unexpected to arise that could work against you in court.

Dating during divorce can also complicate custody and parenting arrangements. Your spouse may openly object to exposing your children to an unfamiliar adult or adults on a regular basis, and even express concerns in court about what kind of person your new partner might be.

If your spouse earns more than you, getting involved in a new relationship and moving in with them either before or soon after the end of the divorce could affect your ability to receive spousal support, or affect your parenting plan. Even if support or parenting time does not apply in your situation, there are other complexities that could arise that would work against you in court, so be very careful with your living arrangements.

Discretion is Always a Good Idea

Your actions, even on social media with regard to dating and relationships while divorcing, may very well be taken into consideration during any negotiations or court appearances. We tell our clients to avoid posting anything touting a new relationship especially with photos of nights out, extravagant meals, outings and vacations. As family law attorneys, In Law We Trust Divorce and Family Lawyers sees examples of how dating indiscretions can negatively influence the emotional status of the parties to the divorce and also have an overall impact on the outcome of the final settlement.

Your Best Interests Come First

It’s probably best not to complicate things by dating. We do understand though, that every couple has their own unique set of circumstances. If you find yourself in the midst of an unexpected relationship and are unsure of how best to handle it, call In Law We Trust Divorce and Family Lawyers You will be able to be frank and open with us. We in turn will advise you of the best course of action, while always keeping your best interests and desired outcome in mind.

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