Should You Represent Yourself in a Divorce?

It is not unusual for men to believe that with a little research and their own negotiating skills, divorce might be something that they can figure out on their own. While you may be tempted to file for divorce on your own using court provided documents or information from a book, website, or worse yet, advice from well-meaning friends – don’t do it! Your future is too important!

Always, Always, Always Seek Proper Representation

Divorce is a complicated process. Combine that with it also being an emotional time, and you can make damaging mistakes that will drastically alter the outcome – and not in your favor! This definitely is one scenario that it is an absolute must to seek out expert legal guidance. Even in a “friendly” divorce you should always be represented by an attorney to file your documents and guide you through the court system so that you and your assets are properly protected.

The attorneys of In Law We Trust Divorce and Family Lawyers specialize in the representation of men in family law matters. A specialist in divorce law for men knows where potential problems may lie, not just in the immediate future, but also years down the road and will guide you accordingly. Our lawyers understand the multitude of laws and potential loopholes within all aspects of divorce.

The Complications and Stress Are Simply Too Much

There are many issues to address to arrive at an accurate picture of your financial picture and an attorney is your absolute best resource for determining what you are legally entitled to, even if that means going to trial to get it for you. When children are involved, custody, visitation, and financial issues add to the complexity. You will also want to be certain that all legal documents presented to the court accurately state your wishes and that the divorce decree will be free of errors and any unclear language. If not, parts of the agreement may be difficult or even impossible to enforce. Going to court without legal counsel often results in problems with paperwork and other unresolved issues that causes substantial delays and not only prolongs reaching a final resolution, but adds additional complications to the whole divorce process. And finally – divorce is a stressful time for everyone involved. Retaining an attorney will significantly reduce the stress of the divorce process. You have enough other things to focus on.

Don’t “Go It Alone” Only to be Left With Unfair Burdens

By seeking out attorneys who specialize in divorces for men, you have the best chance of navigating the process fairly. The right legal counsel can help reach an expedient divorce while minimizing the potential for mistakes that leave you with unfair burdens.

When considering divorce, consult with us before you do anything else! As your attorneys, we will make sure that you understand your rights and responsibilities and will be right beside you to ensure that your interests are protected. This is not the time to try to “go it alone.” Hire In Law We Trust Divorce and Family Lawyers to look out for your future.

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