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Relocation with Children After a Divorce

Family Lawyer for Men | If you and your former spouse are co-parenting following a divorce, there can be life events that can wreak havoc on your otherwise mutually beneficial parenting plan. Specifically, the need for one parent to relocate, whether for work or other personal reasons, can be a point of contention in divorce agreements. Relocating can be a major change in the life of a child. It means uprooting them from their social circles, from their friends and from school. This can be a huge change for both parents and the child. Because of this, Florida law has set requirements and laws in place to protect spouses from one leaving the area — whether the child is coming with them or ...


What Factors Determine a Father’s Custody Rights in Florida?

What Factors Determine a Father’s Custody Rights in Florida?   Family Lawyer For Men | Are you a father in the process of getting a divorce? Are you wondering what your legal rights are? The first step in the process is finding a family lawyer for men that understands Florida custody law and its complexities.   In Florida, courts determine custody battles based on the “best interests of the child.” This vague and complicated term can include a multitude of factors, including: The mental and physical health of the father The father’s moral conduct The father’s ongoing relationship with the child Father’s investment in his child’s life Income and Physical e ...


Child Support | Father’s Rights for Child Support

Child Support | Father’s Rights for Child Support   Child support is commonly an issue brought up in divorce or custody cases. But before giving up money or rights, discuss your options with a skilled divorce attorney for men.   While Florida law states that both parents are legally eligible for child support, the amount of money paid depends on the Florida Child Support Guidelines. This formula is used to calculate how much money is paid by both parents. Some factors include childcare expenses like daycare, the income of both parents, medical insurance and the amount of time spent with each parent. For example, the Florida guidelines state that a father will be required ...


Rights of an Unmarried Father in Florida

Family Law For Men | Rights of an Unmarried Father in Florida   Family Law For Men | The rights of an unmarried father in Florida differ from that when a child is born into a marriage. While you may feel that you don’t have rights as an unmarried father, discussing the options with a lawyer who has experience in family law for men is the first, and best, step to navigating these challenging and complicated legal proceedings   In Florida, a mother automatically has parental rights to the child, since she gave birth to the child. However, a father’s rights are less straightforward if the father was not present for the birth, is not listed on the birth certificate, or is un ...


Family Lawyer for Men | Developing a Parenting Plan

Developing a Parenting Plan    Family Lawyer For Men | A parenting plan is a key part of divorce proceedings in Florida and involves cooperation and communication among parties involved. Having the advice of a family lawyer for men can be key in ensuring the father’s rights are represented in these proceedings.   In Florida, the parenting plan must include a written description of how you and the mother will share responsibilities on a day-to-day basis. This includes healthcare, transportation to and from school, methods of communication with the child, and a time-sharing schedule of when the child is with the parent.   While many states use the term custody or ...



Call To Schedule Your Consultation Now Email John Today To Explain Your Case What Are My Rights As A Father? | Family Lawyer For Men A father have specific rights when it comes to raising, supporting, and communicating with his children. This includes the rights of children to have equal relationships with and support from both parents. Thus, it is in the best interest of everyone, especially the minor child(ren), that a father fulfills his role and maintains a consistent paternal relationship. Fathers have legal rights to the following:  Object against third party adoption of biological children  Seek custody of children, whether as joint or sole custody  P ...

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