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Divorce Lawyer | Why You Need One

Divorce Lawyer | Why You Need One Divorce Lawyer | If you want a divorce, you may be tempted to file for it using some court provided document or information from a book or a website. Well, there is nothing wrong with the DIY approach, but your best bet is to let a Tampa divorce lawyer handle all your divorce. Here are a few reasons why you should consider hiring a pro for your divorce proceedings: Expert Opinion of a Tampa Divorce Lawyer An experienced Tampa divorce lawyer helps you make sure that your spouse receives everything they deserve. The state laws do not support an even split of assets depending on the situation. In some cases, the spouse can be entitled to retirement or other inc ...


Divorce Attorney Tampa | Benefits Of Having An Attorney

Divorce Attorney Tampa | Benefits Of Having An Attorney Going through a divorce is already tense enough, court hearings and trials make it even worse. However, you can save yourself a lot of trouble by hiring the right divorce attorney in Tampa to counsel and represent you. There are many benefits of hiring an attorney to help you go through the whole divorce thing and following we are stating a few of them. Proper Settlement Couples who want to get divorced without facing each other often makes a mutual agreement here seem to be a dream. People who go through separation don’t want to give into what others agree for often occurs. The tug of war can continue for years, but an agreed settlemen ...


Child Custody Attorney | Tips For Dads During A Divorce

Child Custody Attorney | Tips For Dads During A Divorce In the past, it was automatically assumed that the mother was a better provider for the children when a couple divorced. This was decades ago when a majority of mothers stayed home to raise the children. Times have changed. Mothers often work away from the home and fathers have become increasingly more involved in the lives of their children. Automatic custody to the mother is no longer acceptable. What Dads Need To Know This is the new millennium. You do not have to hold on to the old fashion way of thinking and automatically agree to your ex-wife having complete custody of your children. If you feel that you would be a better provid ...


Divorce Lawyer | Do You Have To Go To Court?

Divorce Lawyer | Do We Have To Go To Court For A Divorce? One of the first things that you will inquire about with your divorce lawyer when you are getting divorced is if you will have to go to court. A divorce is a difficult time in your life, and the thought of going to court over this matter can be unsettling. The good news is, you may be able to avoid court throughout the process. Negotiations And Arbitration In most divorce cases, the divorce lawyer representing each side of the case can negotiate the terms of the divorce which can avoid having to battle out the divorce in court. These negotiations will cover everything from splitting the marriage debt, assets, child and or spousal s ...


Child Custody Attorney | Dealing With The Split

Child Custody Attorney | Dealing With The Split Issues surrounding child custody and child support can be the most difficult aspect of divorce for many people. No one wants to face the idea of spending less time with their children, but most experts agree that children benefit from having time with both parents. Other considerations can complicate this such as allegations of domestic violence, substance abuse or concerns about child abduction. Even in amicable splits, coming to an agreement about child custody can be hard. Parents should keep in mind that even though they are splitting up, they will still need to co-parent for years or even a decade or more. This might be easier if they st ...


Divorce Attorney | Spousal Support

Divorce Attorney | Spousal Support   When people are considering divorce, having to pay spousal support is one of the main causes of concern. Spousal support is supposed to provide for a spouse who was not working during the marriage, so it is intended to be a rehabilitative process that stops when the recipient spouse is once again self-supporting. The duration of alimony varies greatly on a case by case basis, but it is very rare for spousal support to last a lifetime. In general, spousal support is often awarded for a time period that is half the length of the marriage, if the marriage lasted less than 10 years. When the marriage is shorter than 10 years, there is a definite termin ...

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