Benefits of a Guardian Ad Litem

If you are going through a divorce and children are involved, a judge can sometimes appoint a Guardian ad Litem to advocate on behalf of the child’s best interest. This is something that either party can request this before the judge. This is a court-appointed individual that will act as guardian of the child for legal action purposes only. The main role if a Guardian ad Litem is to investigate the facts of the case as it relates to the children involved, and report back to the judge an opinion that is unbiased from the parents. A divorce attorney for men could recommend appointing one if there is significant conflict between parties, or if the children’s well-being is being called into question. While appointing a Guardian ad Litem, there are fees that will need to be agreed upon between spouses. It can be expensive to appoint one, but there can be significant benefits to both parties. If there are counselors or psychologist’s reports to process, the Guardian will likely review and follow up with them as well. Your divorce attorney for men will correspond with the Guardian ad Litem and relay back any relevant information or decisions as it relates to the case. It’s important to note that the Guardian ad Litem is not a mediator for the case, but a third-party professional that is hoping to provide positive results for all parties involved. The judge selects the person, and ultimately is chosen for their reliable feedback and trustworthy reputation. This person will also be certified through Florida’s Guardian ad Litem program that certifies these individuals. While it might seem unnecessary or intrusive, a divorce attorney for men can advise you on the benefits of appointing a Guardian ad Litem and how they will play a role in your divorce proceedings. Contact In Law We Trust for a consultation on your case, and how we can help.
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