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A father have specific rights when it comes to raising, supporting, and communicating with his children. This includes the rights of children to have equal relationships with and support from both parents. Thus, it is in the best interest of everyone, especially the minor child(ren), that a father fulfills his role and maintains a consistent paternal relationship.

Fathers have legal rights to the following:

 Object against third party adoption of biological children
 Seek custody of children, whether as joint or sole custody
 Parenting time to build relationships with biological children
 Regular contact with children, through phone calls and other mediums
 Establish paternity, which is important if the ex-spouse is married to another man
 Collaborative, shared decision-making for children's upbringing

Understanding Your Rights as a Father in Florida

In most cases, the ever-important parenting plan will establish a schedule for visitation and child support. It will outline the precise terms of custody, including where the child will reside the majority of the time. In a joint managing conservatorship, it may be that one parent – the mother or father – has access to the child a majority of the time. Even then, the other parent retains full parenting rights. In Florida, it Is presumed that parent will be the mother, so it is crucial to hire an attorney that protects and fights for father’s rights.  Our attorneys have experience helping male clients from all walks of life find healthy and fair solutions to child custody disputes in Tampa, Florida. We have helped men fight for fair child custody and support arrangements that they otherwise could never have dreamed of attaining.  We are prepared to help, whether your situation is a complicated case involving disputed paternity and other extenuating circumstances, or you simply wish to settle the matter as
quickly and peacefully as possible.

Indeed, maintaining meaningful parent/child relationship should be the primary goal of any
custodial arrangement. Children enjoy healthier emotional development when they are loved, cared for, and supported by both parents. After the litigation, parenting remains a task that can be successfully completed by both parents in the best interests of the child(ren). The separation and divorce process need not be destructive to the family.

Why Do I Need A Family Lawyer  For Men?

At the Law Offices of John DeGirolamo, Esq., we understand the unique needs of men in divorce and related legal proceedings. We will work to protect your financial interests in divorce, child support, and alimony proceedings, and your parental rights in child custody and visitation matters.

Our firm represents fathers in divorce, child custody, and related legal matters. If you wish to speak to a men’s divorce attorney in Tampa, Fl, about your child custody concerns, please contact us online today.

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