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The Four Main Areas of Divorce

Primary Issues in Every Divorce If you are considering divorce you may be wondering just how to proceed. As a start, first understand and prepare yourself for the fact that that there are two primary issues that apply to every divorce and another two additional primary issues that apply when there are dependent children involved. Those issues include property division, spousal support, custody and parenting time, and child support. However, in divorce, no two situations are alike. There can be a variety of other issues as well and each of these issues can be challenging and complex. The family law attorneys for men at In Law We Trust, P.A. are ready to listen to your unique situation and c ...


What is Family Law?

Family Law 101 Family law is the legal practice that focuses on issues involving family relationships including divorce, child custody, paternity, and adoption. Attorneys practicing family law represent their clients in family court proceedings and in related negotiations. A family law attorney will draft important legal documents including court petitions and property agreements, litigate contested matters, and negotiate for the best interests of their clients. What Kind of Matters Fall Under the Practice of Family Law? The most common family law issues also pertain to visitation rights, child and spousal support, the division of marital assets, guardianship, and child protection. Howe ...


Premarital Agreements in Divorce Explained

What Is a Premarital Agreement? In Florida, prenuptial agreements are called premarital agreements. Many couples decide on premarital agreements to protect their assets and their financial futures. These agreements are contracts that were made between prospective spouses before marriage, cover each of their financial rights and obligations during the marriage, and define how certain issues such as alimony and property division will be treated if the marriage ends in divorce. If you have a premarital agreement and are considering divorce, this is one of the first things that should be discussed with your attorney. Is My Premarital Agreement Enforceable? Yes, in most cases you are obligat ...


How is Alimony Affected by the Length of a Marriage in Florida?

Short-Term Versus Moderate-Term Marriages Divorce is a difficult emotional process, no matter how long the marriage has lasted. In the state of Florida, a marriage is considered short-term if it lasts less than seven years. A moderate-term marriage is considered to be seven to 17 years, and marriages lasting more than 17 years are considered a be long-term. When it comes to property division, Florida is an equitable distribution state, but the court does consider many factors and depending on the length of your marriage, the courts will award support and divide property in a manner that they feel is adequate and fair, with that in mind. In the case of short-term marriages, be aware that the ...


Can My Alimony Payments be Modified?

Divorce Attorney for Men | A judge decides on how much money should be awarded for alimony based on a variety of conditions and documents like annual pay and job status. What happens though, if any of these circumstances change after a court order is in place? To change your alimony payments, you will need to consult a divorce attorney for men that is knowledgeable on the court proceedings required to make a legal change. Any substantial change in your income, such as job loss, remarriage or serious illness or death can count as grounds for alimony modification. Additionally, in Florida, if the spouse receiving alimony begins a live-in relationship, that is grounds for a possible reductio ...


Mistakes Fathers and Men Make

Call To Schedule Your Consultation Now Email John Today To Explain Your Case In Law We Trust | Family Lawyer For Men In the United State every man, woman, and child has been affected, directly or indirectly, in family domestic issues. Many legal approaches exist for divorce, and whenever possible, firms and courts favor out-of-court settlements.    When it comes to dealing with family law issues such as divorce, alimony, child custody  or support, hidden assets, as well as division of assets and liabilities, we understand the legal system and how to protect the rights of men. We focus on family law because we believe families matter. Our firm focuses on men on ...

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