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Rights of an Unmarried Father in Florida

Family Law For Men | Rights of an Unmarried Father in Florida   Family Law For Men | The rights of an unmarried father in Florida differ from that when a child is born into a marriage. While you may feel that you don’t have rights as an unmarried father, discussing the options with a lawyer who has experience in family law for men is the first, and best, step to navigating these challenging and complicated legal proceedings   In Florida, a mother automatically has parental rights to the child, since she gave birth to the child. However, a father’s rights are less straightforward if the father was not present for the birth, is not listed on the birth certificate, or is un ...


Family Law for Men | Dangers of Cellphone GPS Tracking

Dangers of Cellphone GPS Tracking In addition to bugging, cellphones can serve as location tracking devices, broadcasting GPS coordinates of the victim in real time to a watchful abuser. Numerous programs allow a user to be made aware of the location of another user’s phone; some of these programs are offered by the cell service providers themselves. An example of such a service, Sprint’s Family Locator service, advertises that with the service one can, “see your loved ones’ location – instantly, any time.” While this may be comforting to a parent, an abuser may see this as a golden opportunity to track the victim’s location without the victim having any idea. Further, this GPS tra ...


Family Lawyer For Men | Facebook Stalking is Cyberstalking

Facebook Stalking is Cyberstalking As of the end of the calendar year 2012, the social media site Facebook has over one billion registered users. Further, the average Facebook user has 130 friends, and is a member of 80 groups. When you add to that the fact that Facebook no longer allows users to hide their profiles from public searches by name, it is no surprise that Facebook stalking is fast becoming an often-seen form of cyberstalking. One of the more common forms of cyberstalking on Facebook is the use of so-called "clone accounts," which are fake accounts of real people made by another person, not the real person him- or herself. The most common procedure for stalking via clone accou ...


Family Lawyer for Men | Developing a Parenting Plan

Developing a Parenting Plan    Family Lawyer For Men | A parenting plan is a key part of divorce proceedings in Florida and involves cooperation and communication among parties involved. Having the advice of a family lawyer for men can be key in ensuring the father’s rights are represented in these proceedings.   In Florida, the parenting plan must include a written description of how you and the mother will share responsibilities on a day-to-day basis. This includes healthcare, transportation to and from school, methods of communication with the child, and a time-sharing schedule of when the child is with the parent.   While many states use the term custody or ...


Divorce For Men | Knowing Your Rights as a Father

Divorce For Men | Knowing Your Rights as a Father Divorce For Men | Going through a divorce is hard enough on its own, but it gets even more complicated when children are involved. Men who don't know their rights can lose custody of their children and can face many challenges when they want to see them. The pitfalls and stresses of a divorce can make it hard for one to think clearly. With the help of John DeGirolamo, you will have the tools required to stand up for yourself and the best interests of your children. How a Family Lawyer Can Help Reaching out to a family lawyer as soon as you start the divorce process is a smart choice. Your lawyer will review the details of your case in order ...


Divorce Lawyer For Men | Tampa Divorce Laws For Men

Divorce Lawyer For Men | Tampa Divorce Laws For Men Divorce Lawyer For Men | If you are going through a divorce and are wondering about your legal rights, take the time to learn about Tampa divorce laws for men, and you can begin moving in the right direction. Getting separated from the person with whom you once planned to spend your life, can take on more of a toll than many people suspect. This event will impact your life in many ways, and learning about your legal rights will empower you to reduce the damage. If you don't want to encounter unexpected setbacks along the way, speaking with a divorce attorney will help. Laws Related to Your Divorce Under Florida law, the court will view ea ...


Family Law For Men | We Are On Your Side!

Family Law For Men | We Are On Your Side! Family Law For Men | If you are in a marital relationship where, unfortunately, divorce has become the only viable option, it would a good idea to get advice from a family lawyer for men before proceeding. Men have their own specific challenges when it comes to divorce, and our divorce attorney is not only attuned to those needs but acquainted with Florida statutes as they apply to men. Remember: just because you are seeking a divorce, doesn't mean that you don't want to be involved in the lives of your children (if you have any). At our firm, we always strive to achieve the fairest solutions possible when it comes to children. We aim to work out cu ...

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